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Artificial Intelligence

“The machine learning models and the real-time monitoring and early warning platform developed for different fields are so accurate and smart.”
- Sigmund Wei, Ph.D., Profesor, Chief Scientist in Computer Modelling

Our services

Machine Learning

We apply machine learning based solutions and services in your business to help our client create most values.

Data Analysis

We employ different methods and models to mine the data to help clients to find the most values hidden in the data.

Computer Vision

We use Artificial Neural Network-based algorithms and methods for image detection in different fields.

Smart IOT Systems

We research and develop real-time monitoring and early warning smart systems using in various fields.

Explore Artifical Intelligence Solutions

From machine learning algorithms, data analysis and forecasting methods, image analysis, human behavior recognition to smart real-time monitoring and early warning system platforms, we provide AI-based products, solutions and consulting services that  help our clients empower their business, boost their competitive edge and create most values.


We have worked on more than 10 international projects in different fields, mainly including. R&D Real-time Monitoring and Early Warning Platform of Water Environment, R&D on Health Estimation of Rivers and Lakes, Human Behavior Recognition, Plant Disease Identification, Wavelet-Seq2Seq models of Water Quality Prediction, and so on.

Real-time Water Monitoring

This project was to R&D a Real-time Monitoring and Early Warning Platform for Water Environment of Rivers in China.

Human Behavior Recognition

This project was to develop a deep learning-based model to recognize human abnormal behaviors timely for security monitor .

Water Health of Rivers

This was an international cooperation project aiming to R&D a Real-time Estimation System on Health of Rivers and Lakes.

Plant Disease Identification

This model developed a Vision Transformer (ViT) based model and system to detect different plant diseases from the leaf images.

Numbers Speak

So far we have serviced over 3,000 clients, initiated over 10 international projects, 20 case studies, and won over 10 awards.

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